Unwanted Pregnancies, Abortion and Cover-ups discovered in the new documentary series, Unintended 1900

Over a century ago, what was an unmarried woman to do with an unexpected pregnancy? In a time when unintended pregnancies were shamed, and abortions illegal, women faced terrifying decisions under the most trying circumstances. In Unintended 1900, filmmaker Colleen Bradford Krantz (“West by Orphan Train”, winner of a 2015 regional Emmy) follows the tragic story of a small-town Iowa girl whose life is cut short after going through a behind-closed-doors abortion. The cover-up of her death led to a trial that not only threatened the reputation of her family and doctor, but stirred up such controversy in this small town that her name and story is still recognized to this day. Follow Colleen’s journey back through time as she unveils the secrets this town has kept over the century.

View the trailer for this soon-to-be-released documentary co-produced by Pink Spear Productions and Storytellers International.

Documentary review by Bailey Kakert.