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Stéfi Celma
movie Info – A small time delinquent, turned police mechanic for a go fast task force, is forced to defend his innocence when his mentor is killed by dirty cops
Audience score – 3147 votes
6,7 / 10

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Creative storyline and exciting. Was never bored, not even for a minute.
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Short review submitted for your approval.
Brutal violence, High speed, death and survival on the lawless streets of Paris.
top notch all the way around.
That is all.
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So much potential. Why didn’t they just make it in English? And almost all characters accept for one look anorexic? Not everyone with cheek bones is attractive guys.

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The movie could have been a fair attempt of an action car-chase based movie. However, it unfortunately fails miserably in most aspects.
Apart from the weird rhythm of French editing (which one easily gets used to) the film is full of cliché plot twists and not believable scenes. from a perfect shot the travels from behind a car that crosses window and seat and hits the driver perfect on the heart, to an absurd escape from a police station.
The acting is on a whole other level. Duvauchelle is always convincing, but the main character, as he falls on his knees in a half-committed scream of angst, makes you laugh more than suffer.
All in all, simply not worth the time. For better options, go for Banlieue 13 or Polisse.