5 Easy Fixes to Improve Poor Computer Performance After Virus Removal

If you no longer have the documentation for the motherboard, it’s likely you can find it online. Open the computer case and find the battery on the motherboard. Today, most computers use a coin cell CMOS battery, like the CR2032 battery shown in the picture. Use this jumper to clear the CMOS values (e.g. date information and BIOS configurations) and reset the CMOS values to factory defaults.

Replacing Your Bios Logo

The first thing to do is remove any extra RAM you added to the computer before turning it on. Once the RAM is removed, restart the computer and wait to see whether it powers on normally. If it does, try re-inserting the RAM and seeing whether you can install it more securely in the computer.

Enter the CMOS setup and re-enter all the appropriate values. More details about entering the BIOS setup can be found on your motherboard’s manual.

And while this certainly doesn’t prove its crazy, I’ve started up a plethora of asus motherboards that shipped with the cmos jumper in the clear position. They worked fine once I figured out what was going on. The correct way to reset the cmos is to unplug the pc, remove the battery, then short the jumper for a few seconds. That is the only how to fix missing dll files 100% sure way not to cause damage.

  • If it does, make sure to note down the CMOS information in case you get the error again.
  • A BIOS checksum error can also be generated by an incorrectly performed overclocking process.
  • You can also test the components in the computer you want to upgrade by installing one component at a time and see if the machine works correctly.
  • The software on your motherboard is the BIOS (Basic Input Output System).
  • In case you are not familiar with this, overclocking is a process which implies modifying some parameters of certain components to higher values in order to obtain increased performance.

What is all this business about frying motherboards and your PC exploding if you breath on the wrong pins here? I’ve never even heard a antecdote of any of that happening, much less read any warning as such.

Reset Bios

The method used to clear the CMOS settings on an Intel Desktop motherboard is different to the method used on Asus or MSI motherboards. Use the instructions below to clear the settings. If your motherboard is an older model and does not include a set of jumpers to reset the CMOS, push the lever next to the battery, turn the battery over and wait 10 seconds. Return the component to its original position. If you cannot locate the CMOS battery, refer to the motherboard documentation or contact the computer manufacturer.

The battery on the motherboard has lost its ability to supply power. The system time and date are also affected by a bad battery. If the error still occurs after rebooting the computer, enter CMOS setup and check all values. Once everything is verified and changed, make sure you save settings and then exit the CMOS setup.